Mitchell Ponseti® Plus Bar

Mitchell Ponseti® Plus Bar

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Ponseti® Plus Abduction Bar

Clip on and off with ease

Used to maintain the prescribed width and orientation of your baby’s correction, the adjustable Ponseti® Abduction Bar easily clips on and off AFO footwear with our patented lock-and-release mechanism—making diapering, high chairs and shopping carts more accessible and easier than ever.


  • Patented lock-and-release mechanism for improved access and ease of use
  • Engraved bar measurements and angle indicators
  • Lightweight design
  • Dorsiflexion molded cups


Sizing Guide:

Available in six sizes, including 12cm fixed, 13cm fixed, 14cm fixed, Short adjustable bar (15.25cm - 21cm), Medium adjustable bar (19.5cm - 30cm), and ,Long adjustable bar (23.5cm - 37.4cm).