The Liner Wand (3-MONTH SUPPLY)

The Liner Wand (3-MONTH SUPPLY)

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The Liner Wand hygiene system is the first deep cleaning prosthetic liner coating that is clinically-proven to reduce skin irritation and odor.

The Liner Wand system makes cleaning prosthetic liners quick and easy, while delivering a deep clean that lasts two weeks with a single application:

  • Stop odor for 2 weeks
  • Reduces skin irritation 
  • Prosthetist- approved
  • Compatible with most prosthetic liners

What's in The Liner Wand 3-month kit?

  • Twelve (12) Liner Wand Applicators with Apocrine™ *
  • Three (3) Ergonomic Scrub Brushes
  • One (1) Non-soap, pH- balanced cleanser (4oz)